Geek T-Shirts that you can send as a gift

Last night I was surfing the net when I came across this cool website which provide a lot of Geek T-Shirts which you won’t find at your nearest Malls.

Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away

Feeling homesick? Spend too much time in Oz fixing other people’s computer problems? Just close your eyes, click your heels, don this fine t-shirt and all your troubles will flow by the wayside just like those luser files piped into /dev/null.

Reduce, Reuse, Retweet

Fair warning…

Put the world on notice. It’s unlikely that you’ll actually see anyone overtly change their behavior lest they be blogged, but you’ll certainly shake up a paranoid few.

“No Plus No Equals No”

You don’t even have to respond. Your shirt does it for you.

So many opportunities for “No.” So little time…

Appearances Are Not Always What They Seem…

Those who spend their lives dwelling in the abstract are well aware of this maxim. If one is convinced that 2 + 2 = 5, then that is proof alone.

Study hard, little one!

If you’re a geek with a child, odds are your penchant for all things intellectual will rub off either on purpose or just by your mere presence! Since that’s the case, you will need to clothe the little hacker with our Geek in Training t-shirt!


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wass up dog

very simple u are caling the other person dog…!!!!!

Mt Everest

this design is all abt reaching up to ur goals…so vote for me ;)

Chat room Disaster

Chat room another place for makeover…hheheee


Dyslexia t shirt. This funny dyslexia t-shirt is screened on one of our super soft tees. This funny dyslexia shirt is perfect for that friend our family member always claiming to have dyslexia


Yes I wore this shirt yesterday. This funny recycle t shirt shows people that you like to save the enviroment one shirt at a time. This recycling t-shirt is screened on one of our super soft tees.

Some More Tees

5 thoughts on “Geek T-Shirts that you can send as a gift

  1. Pankaj

    They don’t sell cheap. their tees are very costly as compare to quality they are giving. Their some ideas are stolen “Tweet no evil” is stolen exactly and many other. :)


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