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Disable "Solve PC Issues" Notification Messages in Windows 7

Sometime back I have written a post on What is the Windows Experience Index and How To tweak it and following it with lots of Windows 7 related hacking and tweaking tutorials. I added another article which was quite very popular ie How To Format USB drive into NTFS format to make complete use of USB Space. Now today again I am writing on my favorite topic Windows 7 tweaking.

Solve PC Issues - It is the functionality added by Microsoft Windows 7 which helps you to solve your PC related problem, it is a part of Windows Error Reporting.

Whenever there is a problem or error in your PC your System generates the error and notifies you by showing the error at your Notification bar.  Well it is always recommended to have this option Up and running but some user don’t feels the same, even i too get annoyed when I disable my Windows Update or Firewall and then it gives error that your Windows Update and Firewall is disabled please Enable it. OK till now its kind of good but I get error message like Back Up your system etc, than I feel its time to either Solve those errors or if you don’t want to do that than its better to disable them.

How To disable these error warnings?

There are two ways of doing it, first is you can either completely disable the notification (not recommended) or you can just disable the notifications of particular errors.

Completely Disabling Error Notification

For Completely disabling error notification do the following steps.

1. Press WIN + R and type regedit in the Run dialog box, press Enter.

2. Now navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting

regedit solve pc

3. In the right hand side double click on DWORD value named Disabled and change its value to 1.

value error

4. That’s it, now Log off your system and Log in back.

Now there will be no more Solve PC Error notifications bugging you.

Disable particular errors only

As I said, you can have another option by which you can just disable those errors which you don’t want to see like Back Up notification, Windows Update etc. So for that open your Notification Menu by clicking on the UP arrow on the taskbar and click on Crossed Flag button on it.

solve pc
As soon as you click on it you will see list of errors causing problems/notifications.
4 error
As you can see in the Image above I am getting 4 errors Update Windows Defender, Turn on Firewall, Potentially harmful software detected and Windows Backup, these errors are self explanatory. Now say I don’t want to see Set up backup error on this notification list, than all I have to do is click on Open Action Center.

error WAC
You can turn off any message/notification from here, just click on Turn Off message about Windows Backup to disable message about windows backup. Similarly you can do the same for all other error messages and warnings.

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