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There is no doubt that GMail stands alone when it comes to mailing services (rather I should say in the Online World – Google Rules), but from past 1 year I am using an another email service and I am sort of addicted to it. The thing is, now I prefer that email service against Google and Live mail. – a Network 18 service which  provides the best ever E – Mail service, to start with look at the following basic feature that offers you - features

The reason I am writing this post is because just got a Makeover and has improved and added some more worth noticing features


So that’s it, this is all common today. Whats the USP?

True, all these services and features are more or less common in all mail service providers even Google labs has got a lot more features than this but makes it stand is its multi tab feature which is so far only available in Mail service. That is, when you open any mail instead of showing the mail in full-page like other mail providers do, it opens a new tab within the page. To make my point more easily understandable check out the image below.

multi tab in

When I click on my mails in inbox I get new tabs so I don’t have to use back and forward button again and again to view mails, i can just navigate through the tabs easily like we do in Chrome, Firefox etc.

Right now IN is providing you 10GB of media storage, One more feature that I would like to highlight is that you can access your Gmail, Yahoo , Live and AOL mail accounts from In Mail only, also you can import all your contacts very easily in by using their inbuilt service. And yeah did I mention that you can use GTalk, Live Chat from withing

There is lot more to cover in but I left it to you, Try it & tell me your opinion, Though Gmail and other mail services stands upfront but Multi – Tabbing is what make stand alone like a shining star.

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