How to get Classic View for Windows 7?

Classic view is one of the most popular features of Windows Operating System. However Start menu is not available in Windows 7. If you want to get classic view for Windows 7 then below are some solutions:

Third Party Tools:

Below third party tools work as a perfect alternative to change Start Menu in Windows 7 to Classic View:

  1. CSMenu (
  2. Classic Shell (

Search Box:

Search box is a faster alternative to Windows classic menu. It gives quick results as compared to expanding menu by menu.


You can use (Windows Key+Digit) and (Windows Key+Tab+First Letter) to access applications from taskbar and recently pinned items respectively.

Tweaking Windows 7 Menu:

Below steps will help you tweak Windows 7 menu appearance so that it looks more like a classic menu.

  1. Go to Taskbar>Properties>Start Menu>Customize. This will open a new window.
  2. Go to Documents and select the option for Display as a menu. Click Ok and Apply.
  3. Go to Start. Right click on Documents and go to Properties.
  4. Click on Include a folder… and browse C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\.
  5. Select Programs folder and click on Include Folder button.

This will give you a Start Menu that looks like Windows Classic Menu.

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