How to make a Screensaver work in Windows 7?

Apart from its popularity, users face a number of issues on Windows 7. Many times, they face the annoying problem of screensaver not working. Below are some quick solutions to solve this problem:

Disabling MagicJack commands:

  1. Run below code to see the commands used by MagicJack for disabling screensaver and power management. ‘????’ shows the path to your PC. Find the correct path and then execute 2nd set of commands by using it.
  2. Now run below commands to override the commands in Step 1.
  3. Now reboot the system and run below command.

Running a Clean Boot:

  1. Login to computer with an Administrator account.
  2. Go to START > SEARCH.
  3. Search for msnconfig.exe and start the System Configuration utility.
  4. Go to GENERAL tab and click on SELECTIVE STARTUP.
  5. Uncheck LOAD STARTUP ITEMS option and click OK
  6. Restart the computer.

Screensaver Settings:

  1. Set the screensaver WAIT MINUTES to lower value. Longer value hibernate different components prior to activation of screensaver.

Desktop Background Slideshow:

  1. Set the background change interval greater than or equal to screensaver interval.

Unplugging USB:

  1. Unplug the USB for Windows Multimedia keyboard and then plug it again.

Updating Drivers:

  1. Download the latest video card driver and install it.

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