Problems Syncing Blackberry Bold 9700 with Win7 Bluetooth Drivers

In this article we will tell you the necessary requirements that must be met before attempting to connect your blackberry with your laptop or computer through Bluetooth.


  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.1 or higher should be installed in the computer.
  • BlackBerry Device Software v4.1 higher should be running on BlackBerry smart phone.
  • In case, BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 SP3 is activated in BlackBerry smart phone, set the “Disable Desktop Connectivity” and “Disable Wireless Bypass’ IT policies to “False” located in Bluetooth Policy Group, as the default setting for these properties are “Yes”
  • Use the supported Bluetooth adopter, in case your computer does not support Bluetooth wireless technology. You can obtain the complete list of compatible Bluetooth adopters from
  • The “Desktop Connectivity” and “Wireless Bypass” must be shown on the Bluetooth Option screen of BlackBerry smart phone
  • Double click on the Bluetooth icon shown in the system tray

  • Set BlackBerry in discoverable mode
  • Pair BlackBerry with your computer
  • Now right click on BlackBerry device manager in system tray and click on properties

  • Select “Enable Bluetooth Support”
  • Click “Configure Bluetooth” and then click on “Add” button and press OK
  • BlackBerry smart phone icon will be displayed, select it and press OK twice
  • After a while Bluetooth – <PIN> will be added to “Connection Settings” , press OK
  • BlackBerry Desktop Manger status will be set to “Connected”

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