Restoring Lost Dell Dock in Win 7

A number of laptops such as Inspiron 1545 and many other models of Dell come with Dell Dock pre-installed in it. However, a common issues faced by Win 7 users is the disappearing of Dell Dock.

Why Dell Dock disappears in Win 7?

  1. Many times it happens that the machine gets infected. The virus is removed with the help of good antivirus software or Dell support team but the dell dock disappears.
  2. A conflict arises due to windows or software updates that result in disappearing of dell dock.

How to restore lost Dell Dock in Win 7?

Below solutions can help you restore lost Dell Dock in Windows 7:

  1. Reinstallation: You can download Dell Dock from and reinstall it on your PC.
  2. Dell Support Forum: Another reliable solution is to consult support forums of Dell. Not only it will help you get the right download but will also answer your queries. You can visit the forum at
  3. RocketDock: Download RocketDock from and install it on your PC. It works same as Dell Dock and provides a cleaner interface than it.
  4. Windows Taskbar: Windows Taskbar works in a similar way as Dell Dock and provides a number of benefits over it. It provides cleaner interface, the ability to drag drop icons, preview of a program that is already running, list of recently used files, opening of icon with keyboard shortcuts etc. It gives you the opportunity to launch, view, open and control everything from a single point.

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