Gadgets that will revolutionise the way we work

In a highly competitive global marketplace advances in technology have allowed the business world to revolutionise the way it works, enabling more flexibility and innovative working methods than ever before. Small, regional business can often find themselves in a position to compete with national chains thanks to equipment like laptops, tablet pcs, digital cameras and smartphones. People can work from home and on the move and feel more relaxed about being away from the office, knowing they can stay in touch easily and operate remotely, never missing an important call or email. The oldest kid on the block, laptops have been improved and streamlined to become the most comprehensive piece of portable IT equipment, giving you everything a desktop PC can offer you on the move. Your entire office can effectively come with you on today’s laptops and the models keep getting thinner, lighter, faster and with more memory and Wi-Fi capabilities. Laptops are hard to beat for all round practicality and performance.


However, today laptops are not the only option for a portable technology solution. There is much more on the market to choose from, netbooks, tablet PCs, digital cameras and smartphones. It really all depends on what your particular needs are. You might do a lot of document viewing and writing, or your business may see you creating, editing and viewing a lot of film and audio material in which case a tablet PC would be ideal. If typing is central to your requirements then a laptop or netbook would be a better choice but if not you might be interested in the tablet PC, of which the Apple iPad is probably the most well known. However, a plethora of tablet PCs from a variety of other manufacturers are giving the iPad a run for its money. Top of the tree at the minute are the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Smartphones are an increasingly popular choice as the smallest, lightest and most versatile device to use while on the move. Again the market for smartphones is becoming increasingly saturated with new and improved versions all the time, from the iPhone 4, to the HTC range, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry. While Apple dominated the market for a long time, smartphones with an Android or Windows operating system are becoming increasingly popular. Digital cameras can also be an important piece of business equipment. Smartphones and tablet PCs are increasingly incorporating very good quality digital cameras and web cams into their devices and unless you are a professional photographer these options can make it even easier to have a digital camera at the ready without carrying an additional piece of equipment no matter where you are.



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