Switch Windows With Mouse Hovering in Windows 7

How to activate Mouse Hovering to Switch Windows in Windows 7

Windows 7 is a very helpful window and easy to use. It provides with much feasibility to users of windows 7. In XWindows mode, there was a feature of switching from one Windows to another by just placing cursor of mouse on it. Windows 7 also introduces this feature to users. Without making a click you can switch to another window by mouse hover on title bar. Check out these steps to see how to shift from one window to another in windows 7 using mouse hover.


  • Open “Windows Start Orb”. Write “mouse works” in the search text field.
  • Click on “Change how your mouse works” under control panel or simply hit “Enter” key.

You will see a new window with the name “Mouse Ease of Access”. Make check the option “Activated a window by hovering over it with the mouse” that is located under “Make it easier to manage windows” heading. All done! This is quite interesting trick for windows 7 users. Now when you hover your mouse on title bar of any window, you will be shifted to that window. Enjoy!