CustomizeDisplay of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Style Wallpaper Clock and Date

A lot of windows 7 users had been curious to get windows 8 style wallpaper with clock and date. Now, it can be done quite easily using

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Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7. This software is available freely and helps you to customize your windows 7 very easily. This application will run in the system tray causing least memory consumption and letting you display current date and time on your desktop wallpaper. Whatsoever wallpaper you have applied, it will turn your wallpaper to windows 8 metro style time and date. Current date and time will always be in front of your eyes and you won’t be late for anything.

Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 requires no professional knowledge to be used. Just download it and run it! That’s all you need to do and it will run quietly on your machine. If you want to close the clock, just right click on its icon in the system tray and click on close. It uses a nice font which is pleasant for the eyes and the clock looks perfect with almost all wallpapers.

Note: Windows 8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 is only compatible with Windows 7.

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