Sort your desktop icons by name, size, item type, or date modified

Different ways to sort your desktop icons in Windows 7

Desktop is your computer screen and you see different icons on it. By default you see My Computer and Recycle bin icon on it and then later on you place different programs shortcuts to access them quickly. Windows gives you facility to arrange them according to their, name, type, size and date modified but by default icons are arranged by “Type”.

Whenever you create or save a folder on desktop, it will be placed at the end of icons list. Latest Windows 7 allows you to sort icons manually and also lets you to automatically sort based on the preferences.

Check below steps to sort icons manually.

  • Minimize all windows if they are opened on desktop screen. Right click on empty area of desktop and then click on “Sort by” from context menu.
  • Submenu will open with four options on it: by Name, by Item type, by Size and by date modified.
  • Select one of the given options in which you desire to sort your desktop files and folders.  All icons will be re-arranged according to order that you selected.

Below is the explanation of all sorting options if you don’t know what they do:

By name: This sorting option will sort all files and folders alphabetically.

By size: Files will be arranged in such a way that smallest file will be placed on first number and then larger than this file and so on.

Item type: All same type files will be placed one after the other.

Date modified: It will sort the files based on last modified

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